Modern ukiyo-e artist
the greatest woodblock artist in Japan

Joyconcept initially met Mr. Inuki Tachihara in 2006, and was deeply moved by his work. We knew instantaneously that we wanted to become involved in the process of producing and introducing his various works globally. One of our projects included holding exhibitions in various districts, and becoming a publisher for his series of work called, “Ōatari Kyōgen” (high quality reproduction of “Ōatari Kyōgen” original by KUNISADA, 1786-1864), and his autobiography called, “Ittou-Ichie”. “Ittou-Ichie” was published in order to describe his half century worth of woodblock printings that will transcend to generations ahead. Its title, “Ittou-Ichie” means “Treasure every engraving, for it will never recur on woodblock.” Much to his credit, his work is now recognized not only nationally but also globally. He is a national treasure and his keen eye and talent enthralls everyone around him.
Inuki Tachihara
(1951 - 2015)
1951Born in Nagoya, Japan
1976Started research and reproduction of Japanese ukiyo-e
1982Supervised woodblock works of Jennifer Bartlett in New York and developed a personal relationship
with Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol
1986“The World of Woodblock Artist,Inuki Tachihara” was broadcast by CBS
1994Analyzed the color of ukiyo-e prints with Den Material Co., Ltd and published the article inInternational Color Association
1998The collective treatise with Den Material Co., Ltd was awarded a prize from the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (JSAC).
1999Collaborated on the book “Open the History from Color” by Diamond Inc.
Changed his name from Shinya Katsuhara to Inuki Tachihara
2000Completed the series of woodblock prints titled, “The Tale of a Bamboo-Cutter”
2002Started a series of woodblock prints for the novel “O-Edo Dragon Story” written by Baku Yumemakura and serialized in a monthly magazine published by Shogakukan
2004Created the two front covers for the books written by Baku Yumemakura
2005Appeared inthe documentary “Pleasure of Ukiyo-e Observed by the French Cartoonist” jointly produced by NHK and Office de Radiodiffusion Television Francaise
2008Co-published the picture storybook “The Tale of theBamboo-Cutter” with translation into modern Japanese by Kaori Ekuni, by Shinchosha Publishing Co., Ltd.
2009Appeared in the TV program Yomigaeru Ukiyo-e no Nihon(NHK). The reproduction process of the work by Kuniyoshi was broadcast as a documentary program on NHK
2010Completed the reproduction of the series of woodblock prints “Ōatari Kyogen no Uchi
-Exhibited at Art Affair in Cannes, France
-Exhibited at Japan Festival in Florence, Italy
-Published an autobiography “Ittou Ichie” from POPLAR Publishing Co.,Ltd
2013Completed a series of 48 woodblock prints for the novel “O-Edo Dragon Story” written byBaku Yumemakura since 2002
20158.29 - 9.27 the Retrospective Exhibition of TACHIHARA INUKI in the HAGI URAGAMI MUSEUM (Yamaguchi, Japan)