About the Artist

Akio Kurokawa, the master of Japanese traditional craftsman, was famous for his innovative style while keeping the tradition alive. He successfully modernized traditional glass work to create his own world of Kiriko cut glass with its distinctive curved lines boldly engraved over geometric patterns. His precision for engraving lines as well as his refined flair for design was truly breathtaking. He won many distinguished prizes in Japanese art crafts field.

Akio Kurokawa was a contemporary Kiriko artist well known for his innovative work. He was born in Shinagawa, Tokyo in 1941. At the age of 15, he became an apprentice of Kikuichiro Kobayashi, the great master of Kiriko. His submitted cut glass was selected by the Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Japan in 1971, and since then on he won many distinguished prizes.           
In 1993, he became independent and found his own glass atelier. His innovative style brought new perspective to the world of Kiriko. In 2002 at Traditional Art exhibition, his entered work received special recognition by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
He won many prizes almost every year and became well known in the field. In exhibition of new work of 2013, he won the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize for his magnificent large bowl with delicate but bold design, and his position was firmly established. In 2014, his cut glasses was selected by the Japanese government as a gift for oversea's head of state. In 2018, he held a solo exhibition at the Tokyo American Club. In the same year, several of his works were displayed at the entrance hall of a high-class condominium in Minato Ward, but he passed away without seeing them.