- Assorted Paintings -

Joyconcept features various styles and types of painting by notable artists in modern age.

Motoaki Higashizono

- Japanese-style “Nihonga” painter -

萬水(ばんすい)ー東園 基昭ー
Title: Bansui (Overflowing water)
Materials: mineral pigments /gold leaf/ Japanese paper “washi”

1975 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2001 Obtained Master degree in Japanese painting, the Graduate School of Tama Art University (Japan)


Miki Kariya

- Oil paint artist -
Hana no tēburu  (Flower table)
Title : Hana no tēburu (Flower table)
Materials: oil paint on wood board

1973 Born in Tokyo
1996 Graduated Tamagawa university/ Oil painting (Japan)



Aya Narita

- Oil paint artist -
Title : HIKARI-E
Materials: oil on canvas

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Graduated Joshibi University of Art and Design/ Painting (Japan)



Marcestel Antoine Squarciafichi

- Oil paint artist -
Le bouquet tropical -Marcestel
Title: Le bouquet tropical
Materials: oil on canvas

Born in Paris 1943, he grew up on the French Riviera. He traveled throughout Japan and India, after studying art in France. His designs have been utilized by many haute couturiers, including Pierre Cardin, Guy Laroche and Hanae Mori, in their exquisite creations.



Katsumi Nukaga

- Oil paint artist -
Still Life on the Kimono cloth Materials: oil on canvas
Title: Still Life on the Kimono cloth
Materials: oil on canvas

1950 Born in Yokohama, Japan
1975 Graduated Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music/ Oil painting (Japan)



Yoshio Yokota

– Oil paint artist -
Title: Mizube (The shore)
Materials: oil on canvas

(1933- 2012)
1933 Born in Nigata, Japan
1958 Graduated the Tokyo Seisen Music School (Japan)