Welcome to the Joyconcept’s new website.

Joyconcept’s mission is to introduce beautiful things that will enrich your enjoyment and understanding of culture, art and music, and to foster creators.

With 30 years of experience in dealing with only the finest art work at Gallery Nukaga, Joyconcept is dedicated to reaching out to people of all ages and to the general public through seminars, galleries, live performances and online initiatives.

Having grown up in a family with both parents as musicians, music has always played a significant role throughout my life. The jazz lounge bar, BLUEFLAME was created as a place to appreciate art and culture while simultaneously enjoying music and drinks. At the lounge, there are many artworks on display that people can actually touch and feel so that they can truly understand the beauty of each artwork. We also conduct monthly seminars at the BLUEFLAME ACADEMY where we discuss varying topics from music, art, to culture.

I sincerely hope that you will visit each of our establishments next time you are in town, because there is no substitute for experiencing great work of art, music and culture in person and that will bring “joy” to your life!

Mariko Nukaga, CEO, Joyconcept

-Born in Yokohama as the first daughter of Nobuo Hara, the world famous saxophonist and jazz band leader.
1977Opened Gallery Nukaga in Sendagaya with her husband, Masatoshi Nukaga, her former classmate at Sophia University.
1988Moved Gallery Nukaga to Hiroo to the same building as Restaurant Hiramatsu, managed by her brother-in-law. Art work primarily focused on French art including works by Barbizon, Impressionist and Ecole de Paris artists. Held a number of exhibitions highlighting Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall,Andrew Wyeth, etc. Also involved in the process of starting up and organizing many art museums.
2006Established Joyconcept. Began producing various Japanese artists and creators. Her home interior was recognized as one of the more comfortable living quarters with a great sense of aesthetic taste and aired on a French television art channel.
2007Opened Bar, BLUEFLAME, a live jazz lounge bar.
2008Met Inuki Tachihara,a Japanese woodblock artist and held his exhibition at Gallery Nukaga. Held an exhibition at Armani Ginza Tower highlighting works from the young days of Shintaro Ishihara, the formergovernor of Tokyo.
2009Began a monthly cultural seminarcalled, BLUEFLAME ACADEMY at BLUEFLAME. Held “Mederu Akari”, a lighting art Exhibition at Bucheron Ginza and introduced works by Eriko Horiki using the latest LED applied technology. Launched a project to introduce Japanese artworks (made in Japan)overseas.
2010Held presentation and introduced Inuki Tachihara’s work at ART Affair CANNES ’10.
Produced Inuki Tachihara’s autobiography”Ittou Ichie”
2011Started developing LUMITRANCE. Completed registration of trademark and design.
2012LUMITRANCE product commercialization
2013Patent pending for LUMITRNACEtechnology.
Exhibited LUMITRANCE at TOKYO Designers Week
2014Exhibited LUMITRANCE +(plus) at Art Fair TOKYO 2014
2015Exhibited LUMITRANCE +(plus) at Art Fair TOKYO 2015

Company NameJoyconcept Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentMarch 9, 2006
Address3-3-38 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
CEO and PresidentMariko Nukaga