Welcome to the Joyconcept’s new website.

Joyconcept means deliver “JOY” to you.
Regardless of cultural difference, I wanted to introduce beautiful things that will delight many people, at the same time, I also wanted to guide and promote talented artists so that I can be the bridge to both of them. With this in mind, I established the Joyoncept in 2006.
With 30 years of experience in dealing with only the finest art works at “Gallery Nukaga” in Tokyo, Joyconcept will be dedicating to introduce Japanese Art and Music to not only in Japan also to overseas.

At present, Joyconcept introduces you with the contemporary master woodblock print artist, Inuki Tachihara (1951-2015) who created Ōatari Kyōgen” the high quality reproduction of “Ōatari Kyōgen” ukiyo-e by KUNISADA(1786-1864), as well as his body of original woodblock prints with his modern sensibility.
There also is Edo Kiriko cut glass by Akio Kurokawa, (1941-2019) who created bold curve carvings along with traditional cut glass patterns on novel colored crystal glasses.
Minoru Arai (b. 1932), a traditional registered craftsman of Kiryu-ori, has woven the “Fujin Raijin-zu”, based on a painting of the Wind God and Thunder God, the national treasure of Kennin-ji Temple in Kyoto. Using gold leaf covered silk thread, Arai created “Fujin Raijin zu” into a fine and exquisite textile painting.

All of these are original works by Japanese masters. Their highly praised works appeal to viewers.
In addition, Joyconcept presents works of popular modern artists as well.
With these artful works, Joyconcept proposes beautiful and sophisticated art coordination for home and office regardless of Japanese or Western style.

Grew up in a family where my parents were musicians, also I have been exposed to various arts as well. It is my sincere wish that I will bring “JOY” to you by introducing various arts by talented artists so that to enrich your life!

Mariko Nukaga, CEO, Joyconcept

Mariko Nukaga was born in Yokohama as the eldest daughter of Nobuo Hara, world-famous jazz band leader and saxophonist. Grew up in an environment surrounded by music and art.
1977Founded Gallery Nukaga in Sendagaya with her husband Masatoshi Nukaga who was a classmate of Sophia University.
1988Moved the gallery to Hiroo with his brother-in-law who runs the restaurant Hiramatsu.
The gallery mainly dealt with paintings by the Barbizon School, the Impressionists and Ecole de Paris. Held many exhibitions such as Picasso, Chagall and Andrew Wyeth.
The gallery also involved in the establishment of many private art museum in Japan.
2006Joyconcept Co., Ltd. was founded.
With wide range of contacts, began producing activities to Japanese art creators.
French art TV introduced the interior decoration of Nukaga house. Viewers overseas praised Mariko Nukaga for her aesthetics and sense as a producer who creates comfortable spaces.
2007Opened jazz establishment “Bar BLUE FLAME” which plays live Jazz performance periodically.
2008Held painting exhibition of Katsumi Nukaga” in Kuwait. Also exhibited creation by Akio Kurokawa, Edo Kiriko cut glasses.
Met a comtemporary ukiyo-e artist, Inuki Tachihara and held his exhibition at Gallery Nukaga.
At Armani Ginza Tower, held exhibition of paintings and drawings done by Shintaro Ishihara (former Governor of Metropolitan Tokyo) when he was young.
Beloved husband, Masatoshi Nukaga, has passed away. The Gallery Nukaga was succeeded by his son.
2009Using the latest LED application technology to washi lighting art forms, an exhibition of “Mederu-Akari” by Eriko Hiroki the washi artist was held at Boucheron Ginza Gallery.
Began monthly cultural seminar called "BLUE FLAME ACADEMY".
The seminar continued 106 times.
2010Exhibited Inuki Tachihara’s ukiyo-e prints at Art Fair in “ART Affair CANNES'10”.
In Florence, Italy at “Japan Festival”, exhibited Inuki’’s ukiyo-e prints.
Produced the autobiography of Inuki Tachihara, "Itto Ichie" (published by Poplar Publishing Co., LTD.).
2011~Developed "LUMINART", the LED light to enhance art objects.
Developed, patented and commercialized "LUMITRANCE®", a pedestal with lighting function for art objects.
2020~Due to an infectious disease corona virus that has spread worldwide, “Bar BLUE FLAME” was closed.
The salon was moved to new location, and there continuing the activities of an art producer.

Company NameJoyconcept Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentMarch 9, 2006
Address3-3-38 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
CEO and PresidentMariko Nukaga